Intro to Nose Work 1

There is a new rapidly growing sport called K9 Nose Work®. This 6-week class will follow the guidelines and suggestions of NASCSW. The objective is to introduce dogs and their owners to this new fun sport knows as K9 Nose Work®. The focus on all of our Nose Work classes will be for the dog and owner/handler to have fun. Intro, as well as the following classes, are well suited for all dogs with the exception of human aggressive dogs. The sport will strengthen the bond between dog and owner and build the dog’s confidence, especially the fearful dogs. This class teaches the foundation skills necessary to progress with this sport, for mere enjoyment or for competition. Intro to Nose Work will enable your dog to discover and enhance his/her natural hunt drive while having fun. This class may be repeated before advancing to Nose Work 2 Odor & Elements. All classes can be repeated as many times as desired by the student.


Nose Work 2 – Odor & Elements

This class builds upon the foundation skills learned in Level 1 and focuses on skill building while searching for a particular odor. The three target odors in the order introduced are all essential oils: birch, anise and clove. These essential oils have been selected by NACSW and are composed of a specific makeup. We teach to dogs to search for the birch odor and to develop “odor obedience” while the handlers will learn some techniques for supporting their dogs in the search. While the dog learns to obey his/her nose the handler will develop a keen ability to read the dog. The difficulty will continue to increase at whatever rate is appropriate for the dog to keep them challenged and excited to be hunting.We prepare the teams to be successful in a NACSW – ORT, (National Association of Canine Scent Work – Odor Recognition Test). There are separate tests for each odor.There will be an introduction to all four elements: Container, Interior, Exterior and Vehicles. These are the elements used in a NACSW Trial competition and they require problem-solving skills for the dogs and team communication. Prerequisite: Have completed Nose Work 2 – Odor and Elements or Instructor approval. All classes can be repeated as many times as desired by the student


Nose Work 3 – Trial Preparation

This class is for dogs who have passed an ORT or have completed the Level 2 and have shown proficiency in finding the initial target odor.  We will introduce the remaining two target odors (anise & clove) according to the team goals and skills.  There will be a focus on fine-tuning the handler’s abilities while increasing the difficulty in all four elements of competition: containers, interiors, exteriors and vehicles.  We will begin to search larger areas with distractions and more difficult hide placements.  For the students wanting to compete in a NACSW Trial we will focus on getting ready to be successful and earn a NW 1 Title and ultimately a NW 2 Title and NW 3 Title.Other students may choose to not compete, but to continue to enjoy the Nose Work process with their best friend. Prerequisite: Have completed Nose Work 2 – Odor and Elements or Instructor approval. All classes can be repeated as many times as desired by the student.


Nose Work 4 – Advanced

This class is sometimes referred to as  the “Master Class”.  It is designed for experienced dog and handler teams.  The search areas will become larger and with more distractions and distractors.  The hides will become higher, more difficult, blind and timed.  The challenges offered will be highly rewarding.  There will be difficult search scenarios worked under the guidance of the instructor to ensure a positive learning experience.  There will be field trips included to foster and develop sufficient skills by adding environmental challenges.  We will have a continued focus on the various factors affecting how scent moves.  This class will include preparations for NCASW Trials to earn the NW2 and NW3 Titles. Prerequisite: Completion of Levels 1 through 3 or Instructor approval. All classes can be repeated as many times as desired by the student.


Nose Work – 5 Private Sessions

This class is designed for students that may want to work on a specific issue or element. Perfect for anyone at any level that may want to work without other dogs present. Prerequisite: Instructor Approval



Free classes for Veterans
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Attendance and Refund Policies:

Refund Policy for Classes

If you choose to cancel your registration for a class, workshop, seminar, trial or special event, you must notify us in writing (e-mail, fax, letter). Cancellations received before 30 days of the first day of the event will receive a refund of 100% of the registration fee. Cancellations received after 30 days but before 15 days prior to the start of the event will receive a refund of 50% of the registration fee. No refunds will be issued for cancellations received 15 days or less before the first day of the event. This policy is without exception.



Class Absences

If a student misses a class, no refund will be issued and credit towards the next session will not be given. IF a class is missed, the student may make-up the class by attending another class within a month of missing a class that is at or below their current class level. The only exception will be injury to the dog or handler that causes two (2) or more consecutive absences, provided that For Your K9 was notified prior to the missed classes.


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